My inner hunter-gatherer

I am wishing for more time. There’s too little of the right kind. And way, way too much of the wrong kind.

My natural habitat. Mmmm. Smell that carbon monoxide!

I gotta get where I’m going, do what I’ve gotta do, and then I’ve gotta get back to home base. To the person on the freeway in rush hour in front of me–I’m already on the fence about you, just on principle. It’s nothing against you personally; I’m sure you’re lovely. But if we are to coexist, you need to keep it moving.

And if you’re protecting extra space in front of you, please be aware that I’m arming photon torpedoes in my head.

Artist’s rendition. No actual drivers were erased from existence in a 20 isoton blast caused by the mutual annihilation of 1.5 kilograms of matter and antimatter.

And back to the loving place…

What were we talking about?

Days are already long for most of us. Between work and commute, picking up a few groceries, trying to exercise, dinner, dishes, and homework, you can maybe watch a TV show before you go to bed, get up, and do it again.

It’s killing me. I swear it’s killing me. Isn’t it killing you?

I see people totally chill with this type of schedule, or having even less free time than that, and I don’t understand them. It’s like their brains are made of different stuff.

And that could be literally true.

Is it quitting time? I’m not getting paid to hunt all day…

You see, we are creating our own evolution. Not only are we learning how to live in cities (and not kill each other) we are learning how to work all day. Humans didn’t always have a go go go go idle-hands-are-the-devil’s-worshop Puritan work ethic.

Depending on whose version you accept, hunter-gatherers either work less than the rest of us—-or they work a LOT less than the rest of us. And that’s who we all were, not too many generations ago. Imagine that now… working a few hours a day gathering and hunting, hunting and gathering, then hanging out together for the every-single-day community barbecue. Sitting around the fire, telling stories. Chilling.

It sounds like camp. But, you know, with lions and hyenas visiting every so often.

“So, we’re just gonna just pop in and say hi to the new humans. Don’t take your coat off, cuz we’re not staying.”

Some anthropologists call this time in our history–the first 99% of our history–the “original affluent society.” Our ancestors had what they needed, which includes the same things we need: enough to meet their physical needs, a society to belong to, and time to enjoy life.

In some parts of the world, people must go to work every day, commuting for hours, just to get by. You can do something about this First World problem. Please give generously.

Freaking farmers went and messed it up for us. Their new way had some advantages, but they had to work all day to make their system work. They had to organize into communities, communities into cities, and civilize us. No more hunting and gathering in the morning, hanging out the rest of the day.

Now we gotta work all day. Thanks, Obama!

This is when humans were told that life stinks, and then you die. These are not my words. According to Moses, that’s [almost exactly] what YHWH said: “By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground.”

Seriously–the farmers got us kicked out of paradise.

“Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard.” Thus saith Coldplay

My current theory is that some people have evolved to be okay with the new regime. They evolved more completely into modern “Work all day” humans, while some of us are still largely “Work a bit and then chill” humans. I know I’m definitely in this camp.

I mean, it’s not that I’m lazy.

Wait. No. It’s exactly that. That’s exactly what it is.

Let’s call this work.

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